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Moving Tips from Mr Move Worldwide

Moving Tips: Eight steps to a great move

Relocation can be stressful, so to make things easier we’ve put together a list of moving tips to help you get organised. That way when moving day comes you’ll be ready.

Step 1. Plan

The first of our moving tips is to determine your moving timeframe and service requirements, things like moving dates for pick-up and delivery and whether you’ll require packing, storage, car or pet transportation. Are you doing an office relocation? Is there a budget to stick to? Will you need to wait for your house to be sold? Is your lease about to expire? Write up a plan of action and be sure not to leave anything out. You might find the information in our Moving Checklist page a useful reference in compiling your own plan.

Step 2. Sort

The most time consuming but also the most rewarding of our moving tips is sorting.This is the stage where you start sorting out your belongings. Which things are you going to keep? Which things are you going to throw in the trash? Which things are you going to give away? Do you really want to keep that dusty old toaster that’s been lying at the back of your cupboard for the last five years? The sorting stage is a great time to de-clutter and get rid of all things you don’t need anymore.

Step 3. Consultation

Now that you’ve determined which of your possessions you’d like to be moved – call Mr Move Worldwide on +267 3927595 and we will arrange a no-obligation pre-removal survey of your household with one of our experienced consultants. This is one of those moving tips that will give you peace of mind knowing that the job will be done to your exact requirements. For more on what to expect when moving with us see our Mr Move FAQ page.

Step 4. Protection

Once our removal consultant has gone through the removal process with you it is time to determine the value of the items being moved. From here we can arrange an insurance cover that best suits your needs. This will help to minimise stress in the event of any damages. Please refer to our main Insurance section to find out more information.

Step 5. Arrange

Now that your removal dates have been set with Mr Move Worldwide you can organise your travel details and accommodation both at your origin and your destination. Knowing that you have somewhere to stay while your goods are in transit will be a weight off your shoulders.

Step 6. Separate

Before moving day arrives make sure you’ve set aside all important documentation, money, jewelery, passports and plane tickets (if necessary) and any other items that you don’t wish to be packed/moved by the removal team. For more information on packing see our Packing for a move like a pro article.

Step 7. Uplift

When the big day arrives ensure that either you or a trusted relative/friend is with the removal team to authorise and sign off on paperwork declaring that the condition of the furniture and effects being relocated has not been altered in any way. Don’t forget to talk to our consultants about additional services such as house and carpet cleaning! For further information see our Mr Move Services page.

Step 8. Delivery

The last of our moving tips regards the actual delivery. Upon delivery into your new home Mr Move Worldwide will place all furniture into the appropriate rooms and re-assemble all furniture that was disassembled during uplift. Once delivery is complete our team will clear away any empty boxes and papers. We will then return at a later date to collect any remaining empty boxes and papers.


There is a lot to consider when you’re planning a move, for ease of mind and a stress free move:
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