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Packing for a move with mr move worldwide

Packing for a move like a pro

How you’ll go about packing for a move depends largely on the items themselves. Books are easy but heavy, valuables need careful wrapping and some furniture may need to be dismantled. If your move is still a few months away and you’d like a timeline for getting organised, be sure to stop by our Moving Checklist page.

Early Bird

Start early! Packing for a move always takes longer than you think. Particularly when you start reminiscing over old photos or you realise you need to take apart a wardrobe to get it downstairs. We might not be able to help with the reminiscing but we can certainly help with the wardrobe! For other ways we can assist you see our Mr Move Services page.

Top Down

If your home has more than one storey, begin at the top and work your way down. If you have an attic, that’d be a great place to start.

A Little Heavy

Always pack heavy items in small boxes. It will make transporting them a lot easier. You’ll also want to keep down the weight of your boxes to avoid back injuries.

One at a Time

Pack one room at a time taking care to label each box clearly. Remember to include details of its contents and the room it belongs to. Clearly label boxes that contain breakables as well as those that are load-bearing as these can then be stacked in the van.

Keep it Together

Another tip when packing for a move is to keep all boxes for each room together. This will save time when we’re unpacking and speed up the process dramatically.
For more on what to expect when moving with us see our Mr Move FAQ article.

The Bottom

It may sound obvious but pack heavier items at the bottom of a box and lighter items on top.

Wrap it Up

When packing for a move it’s vital your possessions arrive intact. To ensure this, line your boxes with several layers of newspaper and a sheet of bubble wrap. Then wrap items individually and place them inside. Use clean tissue for wrapping the first layer. This will prevent newspaper print leaving marks. If the items are breakable consider wrapping them with an additional layer of bubble wrap. Pillows and blankets can be used for wrapping valuables and protecting furniture from dents and scratches.

Top Secret

Pack important documents like birth and marriage certificates together and keep them in a safe place.
For a guide to planning your best move ever check out our Moving Tips article.


There is a lot to consider when you’re planning a move, for ease of mind and a stress free move:
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